About Ashley

I was born in Williston North Dakota to Troy and Karla Miller.  I have one older brother, Casey, who is two years older than me.  Throughout my childhood, I lived in Williston, Fargo and Moorhead, Minnesota before moving with my family to Prior Lake in 1998.  I attended Prior Lake high school and graduated in 2003.  After high school, I was unsure what career path to take so I attended Normandale Community College for a few years while I attempted to figure out what to do with my life.  In 2006 I enrolled in the Minnesota School of Businesses Veterinary Technology program.  I had always loved animals and it seemed like the perfect fit for my life.  I graduated from MSB in 2008 and shortly after received my certification as a CVT.  Unfortuantely with the job market I was unable to find a job as a full time CVT.  I am currently employed for my families business, Mechanical Contractors, where I am an office assistant.  I also bartend part time at McKrackens Pub in Burnsville.  

Aside from spending quality time with Tim, I love nothing more then relaxing with my dogs, Titan, Mya and Timber.  I also love to travel, whether it be up North to the Buckingham cabin or to my families house in Florida.  Some other hobbies include reading, scrapbooking and various crafting projects.  During the summer you can often find me, along with Tim, out on Prior Lake boating, jet skiing or just enjoying the perfect Minnesota weather.  In the winter I enjoy snowmobiling with my family, and we often take weekend trips to Wisconsin.  Of course when the weather is bad, nothing quite beats a day out shopping with the girls!

About Tim

Well, where to start.  I think I will steal Ashley's Page and start off by telling you where I grew up, the great State of Minnesota, in a town called Prior lake.  I too attended Prior lake Sr. High school, and graduated from there in 2001.  Go Lakers!  I started working for Ames Construction when turned sixteen, from there I have done numerous jobs for them.  For the last seven years I have been Managing the Surveying Department for the Midwest Region. 

Oh boy, if I was to tell you all my hobbies you would get bored and stop reading so I will make it short and simple.  I love being outdoors, Boating, Golfing, Duck Hunting, Shooting my firearms, anything that is outdoors.  I absolutely hate sitting around inside the house, you dont believe me, ask Ash, she will tell you.  This year we started growing a garden, I thought it would be fun, something that Ash and I could do together.  Well was I wrong, do you know how much work there is involved in a garden. Let me tell, you it is really nice to go to the grocery store and just pick what you want.  All joking aside, we really produced alot of vegtables and fruit, and had fun.  I absolutely can't wait till next year to go after it again.

Other than the few thing mentioned, nothing beats spending time with Ash. Obviously I appreciate it more when we are doing activities that I like, rather than shopping for clothes.

Thanks for reading

Sincerly Tim



Our Story

Tim and I first met when my family moved to Prior Lake.  Tim became good friends with my brother Casey and the two of them often spent time at our house.  After our move I was pretty quiet and shy and had a harder time meeting new friends.  I often spent my days tagging along with Casey and his friends.  I quickly became the love struck little sister, doodling Ashley loves Tim over everything I owed.  He was always nice to me and was oh so Hott( a term I often used to describe him ;).  Now obviously nothing ever happened between us back then, it was just a young girls infatuation.  After high school, Casey and Tim went their own ways and didn't talk for a few years.

Fast forward to 2010.  I was just beginning my shift at McKrackens when in walks Tim.  It had been years since I had seen him and the sight of him made my heart race.  He was even more attractive then I had remembered.  We chatted briefly that night but nothing serious.  Over the next few months we would randomly run into each other and always talk for a few minutes.  On July 10th I invited Tim to come out boating with my friends as we celebrated Tonya's birthday.  It was completely innocent, I thought he would like to spend some time with old friends.  Little did I know that would be the day that changed my life forever. We spent the day together and have been inseperable ever since.  

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